The Apple exposé

Not everyone loves Apple. In fact a lot of people loathe the company for reasons both compelling and idiotic. But mention of Apple almost invariably elicits an unusually strong reaction one way or the other. This in itself explains why so much is written about Apple in the media. People who love the company will… Read more

Albert Porter’s Revenge: a videogame concept

The following is from “Cleveland Stories: True Until Proven Otherwise,” a project of the Kent State University Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. The concept is by me and the illustrations by Gauri Torgalkar (CUDC).  The complete illustrated videogame concept for Albert Porter’s Revenge is currently on display at Cleveland Institute of Art Reinberger Galleries now available… Read more

The Spectacle, the Social Web and You

“The only historically justified tactic is extremist innovation” – Debord & Wolman, A User’s Guide to Détournement (1956) I’ve been thinking about the Situationists for about a decade now, after learning of Guy Debord’s Society Of The Spectacle in some Propagandhi liner notes (I think) about a decade ago.  Sadly, after all that time, I’ve developed… Read more